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Built from humble beginnings, On My Dressing Table began in various pop-up shops around Melbourne. This experience gave us the opportunity to see firsthand just how engaged people were with our products, and how conventional high street (high priced) fashions wasn’t catering to their tastes. Drawing on our many years of experience, we saw that this excitement could be channelled in to something better, and the theme based online store was born.

Born From Passion

Our business was founded on, and continues to build on, three core passions. The first is a commitment to, and love for, retail. With a wealth of experience in areas from apparel to high-end imports, retail is in our blood. Secondly, we strongly believe in the specific role the items we sell can have on our customer’s life. We see the purpose of our products as being so much more than occasionally worn accessories; we want them to bring a sense of empowerment and to make the customer feel good about themselves. 

Finally, our love of the movie stars from the 1930s to the 60's was a big factor in our decision to launch our own business, and this burns just as brightly today. The elegance and glamour of the movie stars of that era helped refine a look that has been adored for decades and transcends the typical cycle of being in vogue one year, then hopelessly out of fashion the next.



How We Select Our Products

Every item we stock reflects the spirit and style of the classic period of cinema. For this reason, all of our products are given the name of a star from that period which is chosen not just because it reflects their own personal style, but also because we feel certain features harks back to the unique tastes and styles of that golden era. 

We also appreciate that everybody is different, and therefore look to cater to all tastes, styles and shapes, so you can look your best in true comfort. An additional service we offer provides information on exactly which types of bag or jewellery are the best fit for your particular body.