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On My Dressing Table focuses exclusively on the beautiful ones:

our beautiful customers, beautiful products, and the beautiful movie stars of the 1940s and 1950

On My Dressing Table (OMDT) is very dear to my heart, it comes down from the centre of  who I am, and it is something that I am really passionate about and that I believe is real and honest. The (OMDT) story is about the golden age of the Hollywood movies era that often – in these timeless classic movies you see beautiful dressing tables with the most beautiful women seated in front putting on their makeup, and who always made our hearts melt, made us feel good especially when we were feeling down, and taught us to enjoy the best of our life, to have fun, and gave us the inspiration to always stick up for ourselves.  These women are the Golden Actresses of Hollywood and for me they are the most beautiful women of our time. They are unique and rare beauties with special qualities and strengths in them, and yet often funny, devoted, loving, strong and very independent! And apart from being very attractive and talented these women have other great qualities that lay hidden within themselves. Each actress is unique to them-selves, they never gave up and always gave their best of themselves to us through their natural gifted talents and their service to the entertainment industry! In return we treasure them and their great movies as our favourites for all time. These Women are Beautiful, Lovely, Smart and will always be very important to me. Aren’t we glad that these beauties have graced our screens and made a difference to this universe.